A&M Mechanical Systems, Inc. Testimonials

A&M Mechanical Systems about us fairfield county connecticut ct

Randall's Island, 1993. A&M Mechanical Systems, Inc. designs the Cool-Down-System for the F.D.N.Y. Fire Academy Liquid Propane tanks. The event was aired on channel 4 and channel 7 news.A&M Mechanical Systems about us fairfield county connecticut ct

In 1994 the Director of Maintenance at the Homestead Inn in Greenwich wrote: "For the past five years, Tony Vitti of Mechanical Systems has been responsible for all boilers, hot water systems, air conditioning & ventilating equipment, as well as our kitchen equipment. Our high volume, three-star French restaurant has a world class reputation. Mr. Vitti has handled many emergencies in a most expeditious fashion during this tenure. Based on past performance, we highly recommend his services."

In 1995 the Manager of The Classic wrote: "With your skills in plumbing & HVAC, and your proficiency in using those skills, The Classic has never run so efficiently. Without you and your wonderful staff's help, it is doubtful that we would have ever identified the true magnitude of our troubled areas."

A&M also services The Westin, and in short provides installation & service to many local homes and businesses. We take great pride in our company and show gratitude for all we've achieved by donating gas & equipment for summer fairs to local churches. They include St. Mary's, St. Leo's and Sacred Heart, as well as the Babe Ruth Little League. We're quite involved in making our town a better place for all. Please call us today to find out what we can do for you!    (203) 674-0609