Gas Fireplaces and Gas Logs including Professional Installation and Service in Fairfield County, Connecticut (CT)

gas fireplaces gas logs Fairfield County Connecticut CT
gas fireplaces gas logs Fairfield County Connecticut CT

Gas Fireplaces burn so clean you don't need a chimney or a flu. Heat that would normally be lost out the flue now stays in your home. How's that for efficiency?

And just think ... when the power goes out, you'll still be warm and cozy. Call us today at 203 674-0609 in Stamford. Ask us to show you our complete line of gas fireplaces and logs. Or head to our simple, user-friendly Contact Us form and tell us how we can serve you best.


Empire     Heat-N-Glow     Majestic     Martin     Rasmussen

Real Fyre     St. Croix     Temco     Vermont Casting

Rasmussen - Weathered Split
Real-Fyre - Classic / Post Oak
Rasmussen - Evening Cross-Fire
Real-Fyre - Designer / Heritage Designer
Rasmussen - Frosted Oak
Real-Fyre - Designer / White Birch
Rasmussen - Cross-Fire
Real-Fyre - Designer / Split Oak
Rasmussen - Evening Lone Star
Real-Fyre - Designer / Forest Oak

Above we've added a handfull of pictures to provide a vision of the beauty you might expect from a professional gas log installation. Gas logs enhance the ambiance of any room and provide warmth and comfort without all the fuss and upkeep of a standard fireplace. We have many other variations of gas logs available and will be happy to meet with you, catalog in hand, to discuss your needs.